Characteristics of MCC Panel boards

- Operation diagram of the system can be traced on mimic monitor.
- Panel board has a reliable compensation system based on correct calculations.
- All parts used in and out of Panel boards are fully in conformity with the related ieee standards.
- All parts used in assembly are inflammable.
- System automatically protects field motors and all electrical appliances against over voltage and low voltage.
- All our MCC systems are ready for possible future automation systems.
- Speed control units are vectorially controlled and provides high torc gain even in low speeds.
- Silo level sensors work digitally and no calibration is required for them and also they have automatic compensations function against
perature differences. - Panel boards have blowers controlled with temperature in the environment.
- Panel boards are assembled by our staff with laser cutting and Punch.
- Out of standard dimensions, optionally scaled panel boards can also be manufactured.
- Standard dimensions ; 2100x800x500 mm
; 2100x800x600 mm
; 2100x600x500 mm
- Powered parts within panel boards are protected against users intervention.
- Internal parts of the Panel board is controlled with digital thermo regulators and cooled automatically with blowers.
- Interior parts of the panel board is designed with computer with as-build software.