Double Weighing-Single Station Feed Packing Machine 25-50kg

- Plc based control.
- 10-25-50kg Weighing Scale.
- Fast and precise weighing with stainless steel load cells
- Programmable within 19gr. intervals
- Programmable packing bag count
- Level control to fix the volume of material in upper bunker
- In accordance with the type of material 22-25 tons/hour of filling capacity
- Monitoring the count of packages
- Easy calibration

- System Control Board
- Control Board in international standards (IP55)

Other Units
- Pneumatic bag holding and swinging apparatus
- Of bag conveyor and adjustable bag supports
- Sewing machine column and engine
- Automated sewing machine

Other Specifications
- Spirals running on the same rate of turnover.
- Speed control unit for the engines
- Adjustable conveyor speed
- Adjustable stands for automated sewing machine.